Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Favorite Indian Restaurant

Once when JP was just a tiny tot, we went to visit my brother in New York City, you know the place were they make lots of salsa (ha ha) He took us to this tiny little Indian restaurant in Little India. To say the restaurant was about the size of my bathroom is not much of a stretch. They had people packed in next to each other like a school cafeteria and the door man put us in the last available seats in the back, by the kitchen and under the dripping AC unit. To add even more pizazz to a restaurant like this, the walls were lined with reflective wallpaper and chili-pepper-Christmas-lights. I've heard the food is great, but you'd really have to see it to get the full picture, I can't do it justice.

Anyway, I was way to paranoid to eat there thinking my 1 year old child would get Hepatitis by just sitting in his car seat so I blamed it on the AC dripping on my head and we continued to a completely different restaurant and ate 3 hours later, because that is how you do things there.

Since then I have a completely different appreciation for Indian food. Chicken Tikka Marsala is just about the best thing around and if I work things just right, we get to go to our local favorite, Taj Mahal. He's my crew enjoying their Naan and Curry.

You might wonder if they'd ever let us back :-)

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EE said...

Love the picture!!!
I had a bout with food poisoning after eating at an Indian restaurant when Sydney was about 3... heavily curried food does not sit well with me!! LOL