Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who Is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?

I found this on Life Unscripted blog. For some reason I am not surprised. I do love this show, and Jim, what's not to love, but The Office has now been replaced by 30 Rock as my favorite show to watch.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boy O Boy O Boy

Can you believe I'll have 3 of them? If I were a Mom in 18th century China, I'd be so respected. (Since they don't value girls...I just read Snowflower and the Secret Fan, which I recommend.)

We had the results of the sonigram put into an envelope and waited for the boys until we opened it. We went to one of my favoirte restruants to get brain food for the baby, Warm Pancetta Salad with Salmon, and let the kids open the envelope to tell us.

I was suprised. I really shouldn't have been. I always knew it was a boy, but held out a little hope for a girl. Regardless, 4 months left till we meet the little guy.