Friday, March 2, 2007

Addition Phase 1

Since we moved into this house, we have talked about how the builder left this awkward little spot that should have been a sunroom.

After enough talk we got a bid and now are taking the plunge. These pictures are after only 2 days of work. Since it's going to be done in 3-4 more weeks, I needed to get started on the tile.

The project sounds good, right? Other than the financial obligation we are getting ourselves in, the truck will be able to park in the garage.

We are putting in a shed below which will hopefully prevent another big deductible if we have another hail storm. (And yes I am a bit passive aggressive right now)

We'll walk out of the kitchen into a bright sunny room, that we can use as an office or a great place to read a book. Really, it's going to be great. I know that, but I'm not good at this kind of stuff.

We decided on slate. It look natural and it's a great material. After taking a long trip to Home Depot's Expo center, I brought home a sample of what I wanted. They had it in stock so I could go back on Saturday and bring it all home.

When I called today to confirm the pick up and pay for the slate, it was all sold out. They won't have anymore for 10 days. That really doesn't sound bad. Really, I can wait 10 days and take the long trip back. I can pitch the idea and order something local, it's just I feel I have inconvenienced everyone I know in one way or another to get there this week and now it's all for not.

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EE said...

the slate is gorgeous!!!!