Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blood, Sweat and Tear - They did it!

Wow! K.C. pulled off a victory and he made it look so easy. His entire year of wrestling he a record of 42-0 and has only 7 points scored against him in the entire season. Most wrestlers have more than 7 points against them in one match. Do I sound proud of him? Well yea I am. I have nothing to do with his success, I am only married to his Dad's cousin, but anyhow, I think both K.C. and Vince had an awesome year.

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One other point of interest. Vince could have easily won 2nd place if the brackets would have fallen differently. He wrestled the #1 seed early on which stopped him from going to the finals, but one of the boys who did make it there is an amputee. He had his legs amputated just below the knees when he was only an infant. His drive, confidence and upper body strength is remarkable. It makes it hard for the others to wrestle him because it's so unconventional and many of their techniques are not available to use on him, but he himself is amazing. Every match he wrestled on Friday and Saturday he got a standing ovation. Here is a picture of him.

LJ was so inspired he was walking around on his knees looking to wrestle. While he was doing that the MU coach walked in, I was so proud.

Please forgive the Queen video I am posting, I can't find a good one of Freddie Mercury if their is one.

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