Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quote of the Day

I am working on a Leadership course and the book I am reading is "Overcoming the Darkside of Leadership". As I delve into the book, I need to discover my darkside, so it don't have a meltdown later. The concept is that every business, family and church is dysfunctional, but the key to long term success is being aware of your darkside so it doesn't blow into a huge problem later.

One thing (that I'm willing to share) is that change rattles me to a certain degree. It's more like the quest for something else. At times I've felt I need or want more, and at other times I've felt that need has been imposed onto me. At those time's I question why isn't enough, enough. Why must we always want more.

After my morning of coffee and reflection, this was my weekly quote from my calendar. It answers my questions and yet deepend my question. It answered it without explaining it.

Only the fairy tale equates changlessness with happiness...
Permanence means paralysis and death.
Only in movement with all its pain, is life
- Jacob Burckhardt

On a brighter note, he's a pic of the cup of coffee (and scone) I drank while conjuring up all these deep thoughts. Did you know the can make a mocha with dark chocolate? Um Um Good~!

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