Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Tortilla Curtain

The Tortilla Curtain

This was Columbia's One Read this summer. Every bookstore pushed it. The Library had 50 + copies, and even the University chose it as their Freshman Summer Read. (I think incoming freshman were supposed to read this novel). So seeing it was way past summer and there were plenty of copies on the library shelf, I picked one up. I don't know about you, but summer reading to me is like going to the pool. Something fun, light and relaxing. This book was anything but. Sure it started good enough, with a tragedy that kept me reading. Within the first 4 chapters, I caught myself already recommending this book. "What a great idea for a story" "Wonderful written" I wish everyone to read this and yet at the same time, need to warn them of how hard it is. No hard in the way you can't get past the language, but hard in a way that is depressing, emotionally gut-wrenching. There were times I had to call someone who's read it, before I could go on.

I didn't know the name Tortilla Curtain is a nickname for the Mexican border. I had no preconceived notions of the book, but will tell you it's a great social commentary of prejudice and has been touted as a modern day classic, similar to Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. (then again which publisher wouldn't want that said about their book :-)


Anonymous said...

You are out of sight!!! I'm so impressed with your skills, thinking maybe you should have my job! Tell me how I can see the videos?? Or maybe they are blocked from here.....who knows.

Oh one more thing, my little guy is hooked on harry too. He has read #1 (in 4 days), #2 (in 5 days) and is half way thru #3 right now. Move over Mrs.'ve got company! -jc

Amy P said...

Wow! What a reader! He's challanging me and I'm 20+ years older. If anytime he needs a potter fix, send him over and we'll read the Leaky Cauldron or listen to the latest PotterCast.

As for the video's I know one link is broken and that's the Band Practice one. It's possible your firewall is blocking it. Try from home, they are embedded from Google Vidoe and YouTube.