Friday, January 26, 2007

Raingutter Regatta

Last night was troop 703's annually boat race. This is Johnny's first year, so he's a tiger scout.

How every (cute) well designed the boat looks, it didn't sail fast. We never trained him on how to race it. But then again what to we know. We were handed this kit and told to show up on such and such a night for "the boat race". So OK, he got started. The whole idea is that the kids place their boat in rain gutters filled with water and race down the pipe. It never occurred to us that they had to blow their boats down the track. We assumed gravity took over. Afterwards JP told his Dad that he guessed it wasn't sanded good enough, that's why it didn't sail faster.
(a corrected statement from earlier)

He lost every race, but took home 1st place for his design, naming it 'Old Glory'. Johnny picked and painted the design, a flag. It's a good thing I didn't help, I'd have suggested flowers or something pretty.

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