Sunday, January 21, 2007

Burr it's cold outside.

Burr it's cold out today. We went to Church and our numbers were so low, it was like free play in the classrooms. Normally we have quite a few kids and the routine and script are very important, but today....throw the scripts away and play with the kids. I caught myself wishing it were like this everyday, but seeing how we have a million dollar Kidcrest expansion we couldn't fund it without the all the support of many families.

We came home and built the Best Snowman Ever! props courtesy of Restoration Hardware. They were having a sale on the snowman kit after Christmas, and look how cute it make him. He's named Frosty of course.

Last but not least, do you see the lamp from Narnia? It lives right outside our front door. When I see it in the snow, it totally makes me think we are in a magical world.

Have I mentioned I love my new camera I got for Christmas? Thanks Mom! XOXO
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Julie said...

Hey! D. and I were very impressed by your snowman! By the way, I was feeling like a complete "loser Mom" since I didn't even make a snowman with my child. So thanks for letting us know that you had bought your props! I wasn't sure I could continue being friends with you, thinking that you had dug all that up on your own!