Monday, July 2, 2007

Let it Rain

Since we've had 4 straight days of rain, you would have thought it was spring, not the middle of summer. It's a huge drag too because we can't go to the pool and we are stuck in-doors.

Well you know boys, stuck in a house together, they start to fight, so Dad fixed them up the cutest little poncho's ever and made them play in the rain.
Do you remember those days of playing in light non- thunderous rain storms. Obviously it was to novel of an idea for our kids who kept wanting to come in.

We told them it was good for them and to find a puddle or pull some weeds.

At the end JP was LJ's protector, the one time it was OK to put a plastic bag over his head.

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EE said...

Darling picts! I would have loved to put a plastic bag over my sister's head;)