Monday, July 16, 2007

High School Reunion

I just got the invitation to my 15th High School Reunion and can't go :-(
Last time, at the 10 year reunion, LJ was due any day. This time, we'll be in Washington DC for a convention. Does it sound like I am making excuses? It is a bit stressful.

Anyway, here is the "candid" of me that made it into the yearbook.
Ouch! If that doesn't scream Future Programmer (accurate) I don't know what does. Loved that class (Computer Business Applications). of two that rocked in.

It really would be nice to see everyone. See who is up to what and remember the good times. Heather O'Hare put togehter a hella cool site too, There is always the 20th.

It really has been too long since my last update. I really aught to try staying at home a little more.

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EE said...

Love the picture...and, yes, it screams future programmer:)
I'm not going to my 20th...made an ass of myself at my 10th:O