Sunday, March 9, 2008

My 100th Post and Almost as Old.

Here is a picture of the Mosses Basket my Dad used as an infant. It's cute and very rustic. With my first child we bought some very soft sheets and pillow cases and made a soft little area for the little guy. Now it's my brother's turn to have it and I am wondering how to ship it so far and keep it from getting damaged. I'm sure there is a way to ship antiques so if anyone has a great idea, please let me know.

I'll show you my progress... it's never fun to have these pictures taken, but I did remember to stand up straight which always helps a bit. Those pictures people take when your not expecting them always turn out worse.

As always, sorry it's been so long, I've been to lazy to keep up, but have hopes to post about the new Wii WiFi we are setting up, and some pics of the boys. TTFN


EE said...

I think you should just keep the basket for baby #3.
You are gorgeous as ever and disgustingly skinny with a cute bump.
I'll probably be dreaming about you and HH tonight;)

How To Ship said...

Place heavy styrofoam blocks inside the basket to keep it from collapsing. Then wrap the basket with bubblewrap (at least 5/16 inch diameter bubbles)and tape with acrylic tape (at least 2 inches in width). Place in a cardboard box with at least 2 inches empty space around and fill the space with packing peanuts. Use same acrylic tape to close box ( remember to tape around the corners- common place for boxes to rip) and send. Good luck and good shipping!
Your Shipping Advisor

Amy P said...


I'm flattered at the thought you'd think of me as a someone who'd have an that's not it either. The words aren't coming to me, but I'm flattered.

However since I am the only girl soon to be living in a house with 4 boys, my idea of a getaway will not be with another man. More like a girl friend at a nail salon or out for coffee.