Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boy O Boy O Boy

Can you believe I'll have 3 of them? If I were a Mom in 18th century China, I'd be so respected. (Since they don't value girls...I just read Snowflower and the Secret Fan, which I recommend.)

We had the results of the sonigram put into an envelope and waited for the boys until we opened it. We went to one of my favoirte restruants to get brain food for the baby, Warm Pancetta Salad with Salmon, and let the kids open the envelope to tell us.

I was suprised. I really shouldn't have been. I always knew it was a boy, but held out a little hope for a girl. Regardless, 4 months left till we meet the little guy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats... I have been dying to know!

Jenn Tade

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, Amy. I'm sure the boys are thrilled to be getting a baby brother.
Let me know if you are a baby wearer? I love making slings in my spare time.
Julia Nelms

EE said...

I've also been dying to know!!
Congratulations!! Do you have a name?