Thursday, January 10, 2008

Your Prediction

I know I am nearly a blogging drop out. Since I became pregnant, I've sort of slacked off.

Now I'm back on and I want to know what you think I"m having.... Is this too gross to share?
If anyone is still out there, leave a comment with your prediction. I'll find out in 3 weeks and post the results.
(Pic is of baby at 17 weeks. Kind of tiny still.)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a girl to me, I think I'll (I mean We'll) name her...............................................

Anonymous said...

Well, Have you ever checked the Chinese chart? The one here is a good one? If I calculated the timing right I would say....GIRL! Do you feel any different this time around?

By the way, CONGRATS to you and yours on the pregnancy.

EE said...

I definitely think you are having a girl!!!
so glad that you are back in bloggyland!

Julie said...

Oh! that baby is a girl! Do you have a name picked out?? And are you sharing what the name is going to be? Tell me all about it over some book tubs!

Amy P said...

OK, I did check the Chinese astrology chart and the results are in.

I have a 58% chance of a boy and a 42% chance of a girl.

Just in case, hope no one it too disapointed if the baby is a boy.

Thanks to whoever sent that.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to be an odd ball, but I think it is going to be a boy... Congratulations!

Jenn Tade

Anonymous said...

Boy or girl, it's wonderful. I have 3 boys and love it. Piper came 5 years later and quite the surprise she was. A bit spoiled!

Did you hear, S. Nichols and his wife are having twin girls in April/may?

Amy P said...

I didn't hear about Mr. Nichols. Who is he with now? When is the baby due?