Tuesday, October 2, 2007

LJ's party at Flipz

Check out the air LJ caught....He looks pretty happy here.

He decided to wear his "Marrying Clothes" to the party. When I asked him who he was marrying, he said, I don't know yet and one of the little boys asked, ' Does she look like a mermaid?'
After seeing this picture, I'd guess I'd better work on my posture. Do they make back braces for hump backs?

This place is trully the best for parties...you can run, tumble and jump into a big pit of foam. Even the adults have to play in it.

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EE said...

You look like one of the kids...only a little taller.
Our last party at Flipz...the birthday boy broke his wrist. It was kind of a downer, if you know what I mean;)