Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day...goodbye pool

We went to the Beach Club yesterday to say goodbye to summer and well, one of the newspapers was there. This made it into today's paper.

I just love this picture with the water bubbles floating over their heads. LJ thinks he's going so fast. Next year he'll be too big to go down with Dad, I'm lucky we have this picture to remember this.


Anonymous said...

LJ "thinks" he is going fast!?!
LJ KNOWS he is going fast. I am surprised that the camera's shutter could catch it!
As you may remember Amy I did set the record for the fastest slide time at Jacob's party this past summer.
Thinks he is...HA!

Anonymous said...

There is a pool in Florida for people who swim as fast as LJ. He should try that pool in Oct.Grandpa

EE said...

That picture is awesome! How did I miss it?