Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A boys' best friend

Our neighbor's tree fell in the storm yesterday. As he was cleaning it up, LJ when to say hi and we all followed and talk to him for a bit. While we were all talking nice, their dog who is hates our dog with a passion was letting LJ pet him then decided to bite him. (nice)
As any dog owner who has a dog who bites a child, he looks at the dog then back to us and says, "he shouldn't have done that"
I'm thinking our cute little puppy would have found out verbally that she shouldn't have done that. She would have known, that was wrong. The word NO in a loud voice to a dog does not hurt them, but does scare then and they can understand what they did was wrong.
What would the Dog Whisperer do?


EE said...

Dog Bite = Dog Gone
That's my philosophy, anyway.
(You can't tell that I'm just a little bit bitter, can you?)

EE said...

Was L1 hurt?