Monday, April 23, 2007

Your not going to believe this

About dinner time on Saturday we stopped by our cousins to pick up the boys who were playing Wii (we).

Have you played Wii? Wow this is a cool game, I'm temped to have JP get a paper route to pay for one. Each player gets to set up a Mii (me), that looks very similar to themselves. So like there is this whole private game community of your friends and family. We stayed nearly 2 hours setting up our Mii's and playing games like baseball. The other Mii's in the system are on your team, which is really cool. More on Wii later.

So after we spend all evening playing games we finally head out to dinner at our local favorite, Rio Grande around 8:30. When we pulled into the restaurant and noticed a Limo. That was funny. Who would bring a limo there? I didn't realize how nice of a place it was.

So when our waiter drops off our bill, he says, "Do you want to go in the Limo?" After two margarita's and children who aren't fighting I instantly say "Yes!".

So here we were, all 4 of us, along with Oscar, Jose and Angleo riding in one sweet ride.
LJ could stand up and dance to the salsa music playing. Our ride, which seemed to last forever was something else. After watching so much 24 I did have to question weather we were getting kidnapped and why they may want us. Fortunately, we have no value outside of our weekly tip to them.
I still wonder if they meant to ask us along, but they got us anyway. It was a much cooler limo than I had at my wedding and now the kids will count down the years until Prom so they can ride in one again.


EE said...

OMG...that is sooo cool!
I wish I could run with you in the 5K, but sadly, I'll be on vacation alone with my hubby!
My family is waiting for Griff to sleep in his bedroom alone for 30 days before getting the Wii...only 28 days to go!!

Amy P said...

Oh, not so sadly. You two have a great time!